Cisco Caesar

County Dublin

Cisco Caesar started in 2007 when James Cisco and Caesar Slattery met at a friend's open mic night. From the very beginning, a mutual love of old soul music and rock 'n' roll created a strong bond between the two singers. Harmonies are natural for the two since James has a rich baritone voice and Caesar has a powerful tenor voice. Two formerly egotistical frontmen formed a brother-like bond.

James Cisco is originally from and grew up in Normal, Illinois - two hours south of Chicago. and spent most of his musical life playing blues and country in pubs along Route 66. He moved to Australia nearly ten years ago with his beautiful Australian wife. He is primary songwriter for the band as well as providing guitar, vocals, and even keys. His accent is still strong even after living here for 10 years.

Caesar provides some of the most impressive high notes known to man as well as laying down funky bass lines sweet as molasses. Originally from Adelaide, Caesar was the frontman for the extremely dangerous band Pornland. He has co-written several of the band's songs, and is the spiritual guide of the band. He is mischievous and quite the comedian.

The third permanent member is Jason Torrens on drums. Jason met James when he became a member of his family by marrying the cousin of James' wife. Jason is the backbone of the band providing a strong back beat to James and Caesar's funky guitar and bass. Jason is also the drummer for rock band Bugdust, and was the drummer for surf band The Reefers for years. You may think he looks familiar and that is because he was a child actor in the Australian television show Pugwall. No one in the band grew up with it, but when we meet someone who has, it's a pretty big deal!

The fourth member is Jed Pickett who moved to Dublin 2 years ago and has a ridiculous amount of guitar talent and is a skilful songwriter in his own right.

2013 is already proving to be a cracker for Cisco Caesar with several festivals, and even a small European tour as well. Their combination of blues, funk, country and soul is not only catchy, it's downright viral. You will be singing their songs the next morning and on the drive home.

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