City Victim

Galway, County Galway

City Victim are an Irish alternative band from Galway, consisting of:

Adam Sheeran - bass (The Followers of Otis/Eoin Dolan Band)
Kieran O'Brien - vocals & guitar (Solo Artist/KAYOBI)
Ciaran O Maolain - drums (Half Forward Line)
Wayne Foy - vocals & guitar (Field Trip)

"The band have clear musical roots in the likes of Nirvana, Interpol, and The Cure. The result is a sound consistently within the bounds of the familiar realm of guitar-driven soft rock." (HotPress)

"Channelling classic post-punk influences – Television, Wire and The Cure – combined with more contemporary bands such as Interpol and Beach Fossils" (Barry Gruff)

"Something of a Galway 'indie superground'" (Galway Advertiser)

To date the band have released 5 singles and two music videos. They are currently gigging Ireland and the UK


"City Victim have taken the cream of the 80’s and created a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and fresh" (Indie Midlands)

"The band are on a fast track to being a name to watch for next year, now they release the third single in what promises to be an extensive and intriguing catalogue." (Yack Magazine)

"Their latest offering Out Of Sight is a lush bass heavy indie rocker with a dreamy aesthetic" - (Robb Donker - American Pancake)

"The tight production, refined musicianship, laid back fluidity and dazzling charm of ‘Out of Sight’ makes City Victim a band to keep an eye on." (Indie Buddy)


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