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Class of 1984

Rock // Lee Valley, Cork

3 brothers in arms…3 childhood friends…3 wolves amongst sheep…Class of 1984 are Jon, James and Brian…from the woodlands of the Lee Valley in the South of Ireland

oh ye of little faith...did ye ever doubt us?...did ye ever think we would fail?...spent and miserable musicians laid to waste in the dodgy hinterlands of flushed down the toilet myspace profiles and ghostly URLs to nowhere...did ye ever think we would succumb to the endless drivel and mindless jingle of the obedient DJs busily spinning their endless shit wheels?...did ye think we would conform?...9 to 5...suit and tie, ballsless, spineless, useless, penniless...endless drunks in love with our own ideas?... our own pseudo-intellectual yak?… did ye think we would commit that? to all pops paedophilia? and its still-wet-from-the-womb, brandished to the magazine camera, eat this shit directive?? the po-faced and the patronizing? The over paid and the over bearing and ever peddling fuck wits of unique brands of boring, homogenized and contrived dirge and drivel? …the grass fuckers…the naysayers and the begrudgers…the musical malaise in all of us…bereft of interest…even they don't care anymore… the laziest hacks with all the two cents in the world couldn't help us now…for we are Class of 1984...and we always have been...
3 musicians...bound for a destination that does not exist...3 life long friends...3 bullshit peddlers and all day dreamers...3 Macguffins to drive the story along…the story of us…the story of Class of 1984…we are the product of our times…the aspirin for a generation without an itch…and we cruise intergalactic…to the end of the rainbow…laughing and crying hysterically in equal measure…with all the wind of youth at our backs...we are a malfunction in the stars…from which to see...all the highlights of hell below....we are the hounds for prominence...and our prey is long extinct...we are Class of 1984...more evil dead than eva longoria...shoddy rags and pierced labrets...we are Class of 1984 and we invite you...come thee, join us for the "official" bit…

CO84 have just returned from the US where they have been recording their debut album with Tim “Rumblefish” Gilles and his crew at Big Blue Meanie Studios, New Jersey. Its old corridors have been graced by the likes of Rage Against The Machine, INXS and Jeff Buckley - so proud are Class of 1984 to be in such esteemed company (alive or otherwise!)

Other than this you will find CO84 preaching their noisy sermons throughout the UK & Ireland, including an opening slot for the golden god himself, Robert Plant, at the Summer Marquee Festival in Cork…gaining aplenty raucous live review, and such accolades as being voted best upcoming band from two Irish national radio stations (2F.M. & Today F.M ) as well as being named in the 10 upcoming bands by English B.B.C. Radio1 D.J. Chris Moyles and gathering the devotees for a manic online following.