Colin Devaney

Galway, County Galway

Colin is 23, originally from Galway, currently based in London, UK.

He started writing songs about 5 years ago, and started performing at open mic nights around the city. During this time, he won several awards for his voice, most notable a national award awarded for best voice for all the IT's in the country, and started busking as a profession, which he made a living off for the best part of two years.

He started operatic training around this period as well, and while he never felt like he could chase it professionally, he includes the occasional operatic aria in his set, for when he feels he especially needs to be noticed. He released his first EP, "4" in 2010, which is available for free download on soundcloud. During this stage, he was regularly gigging at least once a month in the Roisin Dubh's "The Roisin Sessions" a very prestigious venue in the West of Ireland, as well as other shows.

Due to the high level of gigs he was offered, he moved to London in October 2010 to find a full band and to play a higher number of shows. The band's first EP, "This is the Sound" is scheduled for official release, free of charge, through soundcloud on the 29th April.

Compared to Thom Yorke, Cee Lo Green, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl, John Martyn and Jeff Buckley by many critics, he appeals more to the alternative rock crowds.

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