Clonalvy/Naul/Meath/Dublin, County Meath

We are Collision, a five-piece band, members hailing from Dublin and Meath. You could call us rock n' roll borderline heavy rock.
We have been together for just over a year, united by our love of great music :) In our short time together we have done many of our own gigs where we play classic rock songs from the 70's - 00's and our own originals aswell. We have been successful in many battle of the bands playing our original tracks and will be releasing our highly anticipated first EP very soon. We are blessed with all the support from family and friends we've received during our short period of time together, (especially the Clonalvy lads) and have an ever growing fan base as we spread our music out to differant areas.
We Play regularly around the country in Galway,Drogheda,Dundalk,Dublin,Meath and further afield and we are always looking to play new venues around the country.
So if you're interested in our music keep up to date with our facebook page,website and come check us out ;) . We are available to play at all types of occasions from 18's and 21st's to Weddings, if you would be interested in having us play for your occasion you can contact us at

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