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Con and The Éire Jordans

Soul // Belfast , Antrim

In 2018 I co-started the Belfast Busking Band (4,900 followers on instagram) as a means to play covers and earn money. After a few months and a summer full of good times busking we started playing for bars gaining weekly residencies and earning a steady living. We started working for Belfast City Council in 2018 and betwen that year and 2023 we've done a huge amount of gigs ranging from the animations to liven up the city centre after the primark fire, multiple culture night events, multiple mela festival appearances, multiple Halloween and Christmas events, playing outside 2 royal avenue for the Jubilee, playing for VisitBelfast for the cruise ships coming into dock, colour fest, CQAF and the list goes on. I've played in over 17 of Belfast's flagship pubs/venues (Ulster Sports Club, Laverys etc) and have had weekly residencies in over 6 of them (Revolution de cuba, The National etc). I've played multiple times in the Oh Yeah centre and last year we played Electric Picnic for the first time. I also have my own original music band called Con and The Éire Jordans which I started in 2021. I have played 2 support shows (one supporting Jack Devlin and one supporting Leo Miyagee), 1 very successful headline show (as I hadn't released any music up to that point) with top session musicians Pete Close (Lemonade Shoelace, Jealous of the Birds) and Jamie Hewitt (currently touring with Dea Matrona, Jealous of the Birds). After my headline show I decided to focus more on releasing music - I released 3 songs in 2022 over a 6 month period so far gaining a total of 85,000 streams on Spotify alone! I've played extensively in Belfast over the years and both bands have gained recognition as stellar acts on the music scene.

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