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Electronic // Cobh, Cork

Late 2023 saw a shift in tone of musical direction of Irish artist Conor Walsh. The project was conceived to move forward with a new creative outlook and to explore ideas of left-leaning dancefloor music.
With an ability to fuse cutting-edge beats and atmospheric ambience, live performance has become a critical factor in his musical interests. Sharing his music in a live setting is something he is keen to develop further over the coming months and years. Utilising pulsating and morphing rhythms, the music is tied together by sparse melodic ideas complimented by melancholic timbres.
From ambient and downtempo to industrial and glitch, his eclectic taste converges into a singular, forward-thinking sound that defies easy categorization. This melting pot of influences contributes to the creation of a sonic experience that is both accessible and deeply personal, marking Conor as a compelling and innovative presence in the contemporary electronic music landscape.

Upcoming Gigs

5th October 2024 20:00 Kiezsalon w/ Anna Mieke, Muireann Bradley and Conor at Musikbrauerei More details