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Indie // Blackrock, Dublin

CORP. is here to radically disrupt consumers’ livelihoods through high-risk post-pop music. CORP. has achieved an innovative musical stranglehold which has sent other indie musical enterprises into retreat. Bands like MGMT, Surf Curse, Joy Division, and TV Girl have served Corp. well as musical influences, but it is only the fearless CORP. that has uncovered the real reason for melody manufacture: Immense Profits.

CORP. began as a guitar/vocal/Ableton bedroom operation combination with Conor Corp. The unique danceable bedroom pop has garnered 10s of thousands of plays. In the meanwhile, expansion became a priority and CORP. was formed with other top executives: Uli Albers (Chief of Sub-5khz Freq.), Wouter Marijne (6-String Evangelist), and Rory Lahart (Executive Percussion Director). CORP. has clawed its way up from the Dublin & Berlin underground scenes, gig after gig, into the massive multinational it is. CORP.’s songs, “Sleep Seducer” & “Many Hours” must be kept in check before they destabilise the geo-politcal situation as we know it.

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