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Emo // Limerick, Down // He/Him

CRIM initially started recording music at the age of 13, setting out to combine his love for emo & post-hardcore bands with his inspirations from the 2016 Soundcloud era such as Lil Peep & XXXTentacion. Using a blue snowball microphone, socks as soundproofing, sellotape and a cardboard box to craft a makeshift recording booth, set up at the end of best friend Rory’s bed. Despite facing many limitations, the pair worked tirelessly together over the next 3 years, recording over 500 songs.

To further his own creative control, CRIM taught himself how to mix, engineer and master his own tracks. CRIM also taught himself how to play the guitar, enabling him to write his own melodies and hence co-produce his own tracks. The devil is in the detail as at the mere age of 19, CRIM is quickly emerging as one the giants of the underground emo-rap scene. Known for his brutally honest lyrics, superb vocals and experimental style, it is not hard to see why the teenager has quickly amassed a small but dedicated following.