Bangor, County Down

CRIM is an emerging emo trap artist from Bangor using the nostalgic sound of first wave / midwestern emo music fused with his hip hop / trap influence to create a sound which he very much makes his own.

At the mere age of 12, CRIM and best friend Rory Gilmore took it upon themselves to start making music. Over the next 3 years, they worked together tirelessly, recording over 500 songs sheerly for the love of making music, before releasing any music online.

The devil is in the details as at the age of 17, CRIM is quickly emerging as one the giants of the underground emo-rap scene in Belfast, boasting a brand new sound. Drawing influence from everything from emo, to alternative rock to cloud rap, it truly is difficult to pinpoint CRIM’s sound. From death growls, to angelic vocals, mixing live drums with contemporary trap drums, CRIM truly is pushing the boundaries of emo rap.

The young Bangor born talent is quickly garnering attention and gaining recognition as a pioneer of the emo rap sound in Ireland. The hype surrounding the teenager is reflected through the success of his most recent feature track “Better as Friends”, with fellow emerging Irish hip hop artist Uppbeat which went straight to number one in the Apple iTunes Pop charts in Ireland.

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