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Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

“C R I T I C -; one who censures, finds fault, analyses, evaluates & judges; a harsh examiner”
2006 saw the union of four individuals with a mutual respect and love of music, literature and art.
Consisting of Al Keogh: Guitars, Paul Madden: Drums & Percussion, Vinnie O` Connell: Bass and Gary H. Ward: Vocals.
Influenced and inspired by a wide variety of bands such as Tool, Kyuss, Queens of the stone age, Pearl Jam, A perfect circle and many others they set out to flush out the domestic demons.
Weeknights, weekends and any spare time spent locked in, what can only be referred to as an asbestos sanctuary for the truly dedicated.
Since the inception they have focused primarily on writing to the best of their ability, honing and nurturing the results and taking their time through a unified harsh self and universal analysis, reaching into the deepest and darkest areas to be found.
As in the band name, they referred to the songs as a “two-way route to a course of action”, a “channeling challenge” for themselves as well as their fans allowing themselves to walk into the chaos while holding out their hand to guide the listener in.
As the band put it “There was, and still is a trust that the more selfish the writing process, the more honest the song unleashed upon the listener” This proved to be the right method to their development.
Following a string of successful shows the bands following has grown. Critic were received as a progressive, aggressive attack on the senses from raging hostility to calming reflection and their stage presence an intriguing and unique spectacle to be witnessed.
Not straying from what it is to question and think outside the box without following a scene blindly, Critic have a lot planned for the future and are attempting to shake the foundations of the repetitive mainstream with methodical, emotional and communicable songs.
They are currently preparing their wide and varying repertoire for more live shows and are in the process of recording their debut e.p. expected to hit by early 2011. This is a band to watch push the envelope till it tears.
In the existing times of debate and opinion comes a "CRITIC" for the mass.

"What a fearsome foursome!
Blazing a trail for the true lovers of alternative rock at its finest, never losing sight of their need to blast out gut busting lead riffs and explosive vocals,This interesting band take alternative rock to a totally new level"

Angela Macari O Looney

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