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Culture Vandals

Rock // Meath

Culture Vandals are an original rock band from the North-East of Ireland.
Their rapport on stage is gaining them a reputation for energizing audiences through the vitality and sheer raw power of their live performances.
Culture Vandals powerful bass & drums, foot stomping riff's & soaring uber-melodic vocals are truly captivating. With an essential unity and connection to their audiences, its the honest desire to push the genre as far as it can go that motivates these musical brothers.
Culture Vandals have evolved through experience and their music is simply rocking with a fresh enthusiastic approach.
Music reviews:
"You me Life is an explosion! Thats the only way to describe it. You can really hear the influences mixed together in this track. It really brings back the early 90's grunge influence which is fresh to the ears. These guys have the sound down to a tee. The distorted unclear drums in the intro part completely throw you off and give way for a belting snare drum and a kicking beat. Along with the stoner rock guitars and Layne Staley esque vocals you really have all the makings for the comeback of grunge! Except with the Culture Vandals twist to it. LOVE IT" … Music reviewer Paul Caldwell

I am addicted to the drug that is You Me Life. YOU guys have hit the nail square on the head with this track. ME, I feel the song. LIFE is all about energy and the energy the Culture Vandals give to their audience with this track is explosive. Right from the off the trio grab the listener tightly and refuse to let go. When you hear this song live it will resonate within you for a long long time. The song does not finish with the final note. It stays forever. - Pete (TBTP)"

Comedy legend Paddy C. Courtney had this to say about the music:
"I'm glad I listened.....After a dreary, foggy typically Irish day, I was shaken back to life with the opening chords of 'You Me Life', the song is power packed punchy song full of more energy than a stolen crate of red bull and with enough bang to clear the fog from my back yard at least...........before I could scream and call the police, the subtle melancholic beauty that is 'Superfallen' filled my ears and calmed my soul with it's dreamy melodic beat. Listening to Rainbow gave me a familiar feeling that I couldn't quite nail down. It gave me the sense of welcoming home a long lost friend or the giddyness one feels when seeing a full and complete rainbow.....I wonder did Culture Vandals create this song for this very purpose. I urge you all to listen up and listen loud, as it's the only way these songs should be heard."

"You Me Life... It's a Fantastic song"….Declan Gantley

" Lads stumbled across this band Culture Vandals through a mate. I know its not metal but its damn good. Production is quality and his voice is also very good. Listen for yourself ". …… Anonymous