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Hip Hop // Ballyfermot, Dublin // He/him

Curtis is a Hip-Hop artists from Dublin who specialises in thought provoking, high energy lyricisms with engrained social concepts. Curtis earned his stripes through production with years of experience creating beats that are influenced by hip-hop traditions but still push the envelope in terms of incorporating new sounds and techniques which gives it a fresh and gritty feel. Curtis, with the help of fellow D12Inc Artist Mickzart produced his debut album Layer Cake which dropped at the end of 2023. Layer Cake is a story that follows the artist through the twist and turns of existing in the modern day. Curtis talks about the inundation of information through technology, the linked mental health epidemic that is widespread among people in their twenties in Ireland, trauma, heartbreak, addiction, suicide and more. Layer Cake serves to paint a picture of the individual but draws likeness between the experience of us all. Curtis releases Layer Cake on the back of a busy year where he first broke into the hip-hop space by dropping his first single Lil Tree along with a 4K music video to go with it. Curtis also spent the end of 2022/2023 making his name as a performer in the Dublin space with back to back performances throughout the year that have given Curtis a chance develop his craft on stage and as a performer. Curtis laid solid foundations for the year ahead by developing the live performances, dropping a meaningful album and also now collaborating with a band for his biggest gig to date which will take place during the summer. Curtis is creating another dimension of Layer Cake by working with the band to adapt and push the sound further. This live show will showcase just how far Curtis has developed as an artist with huge leaps in his rapping ability but also his performances and showman ship working not only alone on stage but in tandem with his band mates giving a freshness to the show that is unmatched for a hip-hop artist in Ireland right now. Curtis plans to use this show as a way of springboard him into the upper echelons of Irish Music/Hip-Hop, and no better way to do this than to showcase his growth by taking part in Irish Music Week. With his live show in summer acting as a rehearsal for what would be a much bigger opportunity Curtis and co. will be well versed and prepared for the opportunity to play Irish Music Week and delivering a stellar performance to the audience.