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Dandy's Loft

Alternative // Lurgan, Armagh

Dandy’s Loft of Lurgan have been making music together since 2013. The five-piece is made up of brothers Chris and Dave Anderson, brothers Andy and Joe Toman, and brotherless Colin Madden.

Their influences are many and broad, and though they may fall under an Indie/Alternative label, listen a little closer and shades of everything from Krautrock to funk, R&B to psychedelia are never far away.

At heart they are a group who have patiently waited for the right outlet; each making music in various forms for the past decade; before Dandy’s Loft took shape. From first listen it is immediate and obvious they have much to say, and have been waiting to say it. A seasoned garage band with a jaded precision, Dandy’s Loft meld moody with hopeful, cynical and joy.

This is music that is dense with experience and stuffed with reference. It sticks with you like good advice.

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