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Daniel Whelan

Folk // Dublin, Dublin

Daniel Whelan grew and developed as a musician in the rural idylls of South Carlow. Near the foot of Mount Leinster he learned finger style guitar and listened to folk, country and alternative staples. His literary writing style developed out of a stiff Catholic upbringing and an inherent desperation to outgrow it's fettered approach to love, human nature and emotion. Now at a point of departure, he attempts, in poetry and song, to find a place for true human experience as the waves of the digital age encroach.

He set a precedent for what is to come from him after the release of his debut EP, Beta Male, in 2019. Between Dublin, Paris, Lille and Borris, Co. Carlow his second EP has grown and work on Beautiful Torture has been complete. This collection, rising from the first, will be released later this year, September 2021. Building on the themes of love and loss he sees subtle revelations throughout the course of the work. We find each song existing as a part of, and beyond these spaces. With the lyrical use of religious imagery, nature and the body, we find the characters of these songs saddling the line between the sacred and the profane.

Over the course of 2020-2021 Daniel Whelan has completed a Creative Writing Masters in the University of Limerick.

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