Dante Lucid

Chicago, County Dublin

Name: Dante Lucid

Age: 20

Location: From Naperville, IL currently attending school at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.

Equipment: Ableton Live 8 + APC 40 Controller + M Audio Axiom 61 + Komplete 8

Style: I starting producing hip hop instrumentals for rap artists and singers, but quickly became attracted to electronic music. I am fascinated by the amount of creativity I can incorporate into electronic music. My work is hard to put a genre on. I made up my own called Lucid-Step which is a tempo between 70 and 140, and a strong kick on 1, clap/snare on 3, filter delays, bass wobbles, subbase, and synths are are used allowing for a mix of the following genres hiphop, moombathon, reggae, house, and dubstep.

Your Motto: My motto is "Raise Frequency, Change Reality." That basically means by taking your mind to a higher place, a place away from the negative, you can actually alter your reality. Your perception on life can change by raising your frequency.

Goals: I would really like to see my music placed in Television, Movies, and Video Games. In the mean time I plan on playing shows at Bloomington, IN, and Chicago, IL.

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