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Alternative // Cork City, Cork // He/Him

Dara.irl is an Irish artist hailing from Cork City. Dara blends the genres of lo-fi, indie rock, synth-pop and hip-hop together to create a fresh sound. Dara has a DIY attitude for everything he does, from graphic design to production, he has his hand in everything.

Dara began releasing music in 2017 starting out with Lofi hip-hop beats and uploading them to Soundcloud. In 2018 he released his first song called Sleepless Summers. A melancholic bedroom pop song containing plucky guitars, drum machine grooves and spacy vocals. Dara’s most popular song to date is Ba Sing Se a ukulele ballad about travelling to the fictional city of Ba Sing Se from the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. At the time of writing Ba Sing Se has over 135,000 streams on Spotify and appears in close to 5000 playlists.

Dara continues to put out music from his bedroom in Cork City.

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