Dublin, County Dublin

Dave Clarke is a quiet man. Seen the last twenty-five years behind his drum kit performing with acclaimed musicians such as Warren Zevon and Glen Hansard, he often sidesteps the limelight to his fellow band members. It has been said that Dave can be distant and perhaps mysterious. Nicknames such as 'Black Dave' give to the character... that one was a bit of fun at the all black he wore, and, still wears today. Dave is somewhat of a mystery, indeed. Not many would know that he actually began in music on the guitar or of his music writing talents. Whilst his tenure in Blue In Heaven, he was part of the writing process and wrote his own drum and percussion parts. In the last few years, his creativity extended to writing for the guitar, bass, and keyboards in collaboration with the likes of Maria Doyle Kennedy and the Hothouse Flowers. In the recently released 'Hell to Pay' cd from PreNup he ventures further in the writing of the music and arrangements as well as in its production. Audiences in America and Ireland have already had quite a surprise as Dave came out from behind his drum kit to the front of the stage to play the guitar - and sing! The influences of travel, relationships, experimentation and a good dab of his natural Irish humour with reflection emerge collectively in a most eclectic and sophisticated way. In Dave's new solo works, he has found the words and voice to express himself. Sit back and listen.

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