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David Bickley

Electronica // Cork

I specialise in creating ambient and sequential music that draws inspiration from atmospheric songs and scores. Rooted in the experimental electronica genre, my compositions strive to evoke a deep and mysterious atmosphere. I take great pride in incorporating organic elements and natural sounds to create a rich and textured auditory experience.

My journey in experimental music began at a young age of 14 in Dorset, England, where I first discovered the endless possibilities of sound. Now based in the tranquil landscapes of West Cork, Ireland, I find immense inspiration in landscape and mythic motif.

One of the most meaningful compliments I have received came from Irish Music Magazine Hotpress, who described my music as "the sound of the Celtic heartbeat with a highly sophisticated pacemaker attached." This recognition speaks to the unique and captivating nature of my compositions within the Irish music scene.

A particularly memorable performance in my career was at The Big Chill, where I had the opportunity to showcase an awe-inspiring ambient set accompanied by mesmerising visuals. This performance left a lasting impact on the festival-goers and created a magical atmosphere throughout the event.

More recently, I have embarked on a series of ambient LPs inspired by my recollections of landscapes and cherished places. These albums reflect my artistic vision and have garnered recognition through film awards, Arts Council Awards, and two esteemed Hotpress awards for best musical act.

My live shows strive to create enchanting and immersive experiences, with a captivating atmosphere and a touch of ritualistic energy. These performances leave a profound impression on the audience, igniting their senses and emotions.

Listeners often draw comparisons between my music and artists such as Eno, Leftfield, Future Sound of London, Timeshard, and other talents from the Emit Label. Sharing the stage with esteemed musicians such as Clannad, Jah Wobble, Roedelius, and Gavin Friday has further solidified my place within the music scene.

Notable publications have praised my work, with Billboard recognising me as "one of the most distinctive acts in Irish dance music." The Irish Times commended the intricacy of my dance textures, describing my music as a sublime fusion of cultures and influences. Hotpress highlighted my ability to skilfully blend various indigenous musical styles into an innovative and cohesive sound.

Currently, I am fully immersed in the production of a short audiovisual film set in Cornwall. This project involves crafting a flowing ambient and sequential score, incorporating ancient tunes and the use of Cornish language vocals. The film aims to capture the essence of Cornwall's rich history, blending my passion for music with the art of visual storytelling.

In conclusion, I am dedicated to nurturing my artistic pursuits, continually pushing the boundaries of sound and exploring new horizons within the realms of ambient and sequential music.