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Indie // Waterford City , Waterford

deafMONKEY formed at the start of the end of the world in 2020. Their music is best described as guitar driven indie rock with an odd slice of alternative pop.
Based in Waterford Ireland, this five-piece band emerged from the global pandemic, or “lockdown“, with a highly energetic set that quickly attracted attention on the Waterford Music scene. A diverse range of influences from The Smashing Pumpkins & REM to Public Service Broadcast & The National leaves them without a pigeon hole.

Driving drums & melodic bass lines along with combustive guitar riffs & rich vocal melodies combine to create a sound that is soaked in retro undertones, rich in energy, melody & emotion.

Their First recording offering was a little memento of that lockdown period, "Live From an Empty Room, EP" recorded in more or less in one take on the stage of the Theatre Royal Waterford was quietly released in July of 2022. October 2022 saw them follow up with their first studio single "Lost In Space".

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