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Hip Hop // Dublin, Dublin

Demlot are a Dubin-based hip-hop duo consisting of rappers Scauldy and Sub-Rhyme. With thousands of streams on Spotify, and even more views across YouTube and TikTok, the two are arguably the hardest working rappers in Ireland at the minute.
Relentless both on and off the mic, Demlot know how to excite and ignite a room from their experiences battle rapping in multiple venues across Ireland, which has gone some way in teaching them how to control a crowd masterfully.
Completely unwilling to let their talent go to waste, Demlot seem hell bent on making something out of themselves from a music perspective. With headline shows booked for some of Dublin’s liveliest venues, 2024 feels like it could be the start of something special for the duo.
Demlot are a guaranteed way of lighting up a stage at any festival around Ireland and the UK this year, and it would be a safe bet to get in touch to get in on the ground level of one of the most exciting musical acts in Dublin right now.

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