Chicago, IL, County Limerick

My first ever thought of being a DJ was way back in the day. By way back, I mean around the year 2005-ish. Music was always a fascination to me. The thought; how could someone make something so complex and artistic? The first electronic song I ever listened to was Satisfaction, by Benassi at an old birthday party I had. That's when it all hit me to become an artist of EDM.

My name, Denako? My real name is Denny, which clearly points out the -Den, in my DJ name, but where did -ako come from? Me and a friend of mine, Slavko used to always chill and listen to music back in Elementary. We decided to "collab" one day and combine our names into one, and thats where it all came from. We never really made real music, but rather just Dance mix tapes. But yes, the name stuck and it's still what I use up to this day.

My #1 goal for music is to satisfy the people. That's why at every single party, I interact with the crowd almost the entire time to keep 'em happy and full of dance. Nothings better than to see people cheering, dancing, and smiling for something that I love to do. Period.

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