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Dharma Rose

Rock // Galway City, Galway

Dharma Rose The New Religion of Rock
is Gar Vox & Guitar , Fin Lead Guitar & Keys, Damo Bass Guitar, and Donnacha Drums,

Dharma Rose has had different marks since forming 2008,
but this is the mark where the band are at now and it's the one that's working best for them.

The Songs are where this band flies. as Gar stated in an interview
Your nothing without good songs

Their live performances can only be described as helter skelter
a different bag of monkeys every night !

as for describing what their sound is. . .
we'll wait for a journalist or rock critic to describe our sound
whatever people say Dharma Rose are, you can rest assured, that is what they are not.

Gar would describe the band as
now go look that up