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Dance // Limerick, Limerick

Dillon Reid’s solo work under the new Brawni alias
focuses heavily on performing and recording live
electronic music through what he has described as
a ‘no concept/intentionless’ approach to creation,
instead trusting his ear and focusing on an active
engagement with his many synths, drum machines,
loop pedals and sequencers which lead him towards
his decision making.

The idea for his video series stemmed from him insisting
on bringing his portable synths in a suitcase
wherever he travelled.
After spending some time away on the Canary
Islands he convinced some crew members to
help him make a live performance video in the
Corralejo desert.
Since then, he has travelled around Ireland,
Lisbon and further in the canaries to continue filming, and will now be
releasing one video each month.

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