Greystones, County Wicklow

Distributor is a melodic groove metal band from Wicklow, Ireland. The band consists of vocalist Peter BT, 7-string bassist James Dunne, keyboardist David Halpin, drummer Ross McMahon and 8-string guitarist Ian Rockett. The band's music is an attempt to combine crushing heavy groove metal riffage (influenced by the likes of Meshuggah, Pantera, Mudvayne, SikTh, etc) with dramatic, melodic and at times symphonic influences (Nightwish, Devin Townsend, Pain of Salvation etc), with occasional use of technical or 'proggy' music stylings (Dream Theater, Animals as Leaders, etc) and powerful atmospheres (influenced by anything from AaL to Nine Inch Nails to Deftones to Danny Elfman in that regard.

Depth of Perception, the band's first self-produced CD was released on the 28th of August 2009, available for both free download or purchase from Distributor’s website, http://distributor.bandcamp.com. It is not seen by the band as their 'official debut album' as such, but an attempt to get some of their material out there for people to hear. While some of the songs are more recent, many of the songs were actually written while the guys were aged 16-18. Depth of Perception has been greeted with positive reviews from drop-d.ie’s Jon Keane, claiming it’s “Definitely one of the most solid Irish debuts of 2009”, and Dimitris Kar from Greek metal website metal-temple.com who stated, “DISTRIBUTOR plays good music, has produced an album that can work as an example and deserves to be known. Fans of progressive Metal, melodic Metal, riffs that boil your blood fans and generally Heavy Metal fans, should show DISTRIBUTOR their support”. New York journalist Matthew Kirschner says that the album "smokes" and that there are "Great things ahead for these guys". Finally, Phil from UK website ravenheartmusic.com says that the album is a "highly promising debut" and hopes "that this gets them the attention from the big companies that their talent deserves". The band is currently finishing off writing and beginning the recording of almost 2 hours worth of new material written since 2008 and all the way into this year. In complete honesty, the new music eclipses anything on DoP by a long shot. Better musicianship, better atmosphere, more powerful riffs and melodies, and most importantly, better and more mature songwriting. Album-quality demos of some of the new material should be online soon.

Distributor are attempting to genuinely offer something unique and interesting to the table. Groove metal with powerful atmospheres, strong melodies and involved but pleasing-to-the-ear instrumental work. First and foremost, we just want to make music that rocks, and is simply enjoyable to listen to.

We are currently looking for promotional opportunities in 2010/2011 onwards.

Contact info Email: distributorband@gmail.com

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