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DJ Dobrel

House // Dublin, Dublin

Dublin based DJ & Producer DJ Dobrel has found his true calling in
making Electronic Music. However, when it comes to the production he is unrestricted in creating a wide variety of electronic music
including House, Progressive,Techno, Trance and “Modern Deep
House,” as EDM Nations has described.DJ Dobrel was born and raised in Cork, Ireland which, at the time,was a hot bed for dance music with the likes of Kerri Chandler holding a residency in the city’s infamous Sir Henry’s nightclub. With the thriving electronic music scene, it was inevitable that he fell in
love with House and Dance music and soon became a part of the vibrant nightlife setting as a DJ.
It was a move to Dublin where he caught himself at the tail end of
the club era before the landscape shifted towards a more underground vibe. While there he began dabbling in music production and in 2016 he released his first track, Shake The Joppa. In 2021,
DJ Dobrel has already signed and released tracks on Loudkult Records, Wern Records and Nest with many more under his belt to come.
Nowadays, you can find him constantly releasing brand new music independently while also working on various collaborations. His Soundcloud profile has become one of the most popular on the platform, getting thousands of plays, comments and shares for every song he uploads. He is also the Founder and Music Curatorfor Shamrave, a virtual dance music event whose proceeds benefit Make A Wish Foundation.
DJ Dobrel’s talent extends in to his live shows; creating impressive sets worthy of club and festival play while captivating fans to engage with him.

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