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Electronica // Dublin // he/him

​Doecas is a multi-instrumentalist music producer from Ireland.

Debut EP "The Omega Fold" coming May 3rd 2024.

Having played in various bands and genres over the years, doecas' solo work brings a fresh perspective to the intersection of electronic and acoustic music.

Doecas’ music is a weave of upbeat, cinematic electronic threads seamlessly laced with acoustic instrumentation, creating a unique flow of looseness and tightness in each track. Central to doecas' approach is a meticulous attention to refining rhythm and percussion components, envisioning each track as an evolving cinematic journey.

Dœcas is the musical project of Irish producer and designer Cormac Ó Conaire.

Dóchas, m. (Gaeilge, Irish)
hope, trust, reliance

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