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Rock // Ireland, Dublin // Whopper

Straight out of Dublin’s music melting pot, where cobbled streets echo tales, DOGPOND are a genre-defying force who’ve emerged from the ashes of former rock and roll sensations The Hot Sprockets & Punch Face Champions.

Formed in 2023 and all hailing from the vibrant streets of Dublin, Ireland, these four lads have been shaking up the music scene with their lively, energetic, yet smooth sound.

Their first single ‘KILNAMANAGH BLUES’ received a generous amount of National radio play, was critically acclaimed by HotPress magazine and other print media, and was featured in a popular Channel 4 TV Series.

Years of experience under their belt, these chart-topping musicians have honed their craft and perfected their sound to become one of the most influential underground bands in the industry.

With their paws firmly planted in the Dublin music scene at the moment, DOGPOND will, undoubtedly, be making waves both nationally and internationally in the very near future.

This isn’t just a band; they’re a sonic journey, a cosmic experience, a musical kaleidoscope that brings the soul of Dublin to life.

Their latest single ‘FRANKY LEAVE YOUR LIGHTS ON’ was unleashed on all platforms April 9th 2024.