Dora Gola

Limerick, County Limerick

Dora Gola is a singer-songwriter and dancer based in Limerick. Her soulful sound and passionate songwriting style successfully blends the styles of pop, jazz, folk and indie. Through her sensuality of a dancer and strong embodiment of the music, Dora creates an intimate and personal relationship with the audience during her performances.

In 2016, Dora has realised her debut music video to the song “I’m Not”, which was successfully launched at the Richard Harris International Film Festival, followed by screening at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. Riding high on the success of the single “I’m Not”, Dora was asked to perform live at the Awards Gala Night of the Richard Harris International Film Festival which was live streamed around the world with over 2500 viewers on line. Her impressive performance led her to winning the Style Award 2017.

Dora graduated with first-class honours degree from the BA in Voice & Dance (Limerick) and MA in Music Performance (Cork). She has also completed 6 months course in Kinesiology (Dance major) at the California State University Northridge in Los Angeles. Dora continues her work in music, holding true to her sound and vision as an independent artist and she has just debuted with her new material and realised an EP with one of the top musicians and producer in Ireland – Dave Keary (Van Morrison) which will feature Paul Moore on bass (Musical Director of Riverdance and former bassist for Van Morrison), Des Lacey on drums and percussions, Jim Hanley on piano, Alan Keary on strings and more.

When not writing or performing Dora has also choreographed and co-produced a music video for successful music group– LemON (Poland).

Dora was also guest singer at Liam O’Brien’s Crooning at Christmas, which tours nationally each year and a lead singer with the Whistleberries band promoting Irish Traditional music among children in Poland during the Cross Culture Festival.

Dora also performed as the main act of the Great Orchestra of the Christmas Charity event in Limerick which is on of the biggest charity event in the world run in Poland for the last 26 years helping raising over 10 thousand euro at the local collection.


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