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Alternative // Kilcullen, Kildare // he/him

dryeyes is a solo Irish artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Dublin, Ireland. While studying vocals in BIMM, he focused in on developing his ability as a ‘Jack of all Trades’ type of musician, playing multiple instruments such as guitar, keys, synths, drums, bass and many others.

Taking inspiration from brakence, EDEN, and Quadeca the track ‘in time’ is featured as the lead single from his self-produced, forthcoming concept E.P, "the apple tree," which encapsulates the emotional turbulence in a friendship.

His second single 'holdens demons' will be released on April 12th, with his debut E.P. to be released on in early May.

dryeyes doesn't shy away from experimental elements, with heavy 808s and glitchy drums driving tracks forward, while incorporating live elements into all of his music. The fusion of these elements showcases dryeyes' ability to seamlessly blend genres, crafting a sound that pays homage to his influences while maintaining a distinctive and innovative edge in the Irish scene. His upcoming E.P 'the apple tree' puts dryeyes at the forefront of the experimental music scene, poised to make waves with his compelling and boundary-pushing sound.