Dubh Lee

County Dublin

Dubh Lee could be the love-child of Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin. Her music unites Cohen’s folk sensitivity and lyrical prowess with the raw, sexual power of Joplin’s bluesrock to give you a sound that can make you move, while also connecting with you on a deeper level. On stage she’s a born entertainer, and when you combine her honest stage persona and slick guitar playing you get a sensational show.

Since she started gigging in Summer 2018 Dubh Lee has entertained audiences across Ireland at events such as the Ruby Sessions, Electric Picnic and the Rory Gallagher festival. Her vocal has featured on two recent releases from drum’n’bass group WOB! which have received significant airplay on national radio stations, and she has now released her debut single. She is currently on an Irish tour as support for Jimmy's Cousin with dates in Kilkenny, Limerick and Dublin.

Dubh Lee’s debut single ‘Virtue’ is a folk-infused pop song that details the mental battle between love for another person and one’s self-respect, and examines the doubts that arise from waiting for an absent lover to come around. Its release was coupled with a spectacular music video shot in the Slieve Bloom mountains. Dubh's next single 'Work' will be released early in 2020 followed shortly by her first EP.

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