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Duke Dimez

Hip Hop // Dublin, Dublin // wavey/boy

London born, Connacht raised, Dublin based; the 3 mainstays that are worn proudly on the sleeve of MC/Rapper Stanley Dimes/Duke Dimez.

Having first got a taste of rapping at raves with friends, attending and eventually partaking in freestyle battles and being given encouragement to express himself through the pen from a youth counsellor, Duke Dimez instantly felt a deep connection to Hip Hop and the expression of oneself through it.

While geographically being from more than one place has helped inform and define him as a person, his foundation in music is what has influenced and helped cultivate his sound as an artist. Lee Scott, Dirty Dike, Potter Payper, Skepta, London Posse, SBTV; these are only a few of the many "teachers" that Duke Dimez continuously pays homage to through his music.

Since initially bursting on the scene with his single "Mayday", he's provided his audience with consistent quality through his creative outputs. Whether its through music and videos (check out his heroic anthem "Celtic Tiger" and laid back slow burner "Strange Dimez") or his collective Craic Cartel's Hip Hop events throughout Dublin City, Duke Dimez and everything he touches is worth keeping up and being involved with.

From lyrically-adept yet gritty word play to catchy flows and hooks, he caters to an element of rap thats missing within Ireland's Hip Hop scene.

With a handful of singles already out, his excellently executed 2021 EP "Dukebox" and a collaborative project in the works with Negro Impacto's StrangeLove (StrangeDimez), the self-proclaimed "Wavey Boy" plans on continuing to showcase why he is considered a polyglot of rap and one of the future voices within the Irish scene.

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