Firhouse, County Dublin

Dunluvly is a multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Dublin, Ireland with roots in traditional Irish music and psychedelic indie. His favouring of finger-style guitar and the exploration of unorthodox sounds allows him to create a sonically rich experience unlike any other artist around while keeping the essence of his songwriting intact throughout his work.
Whether it be a guitar or drum part or his violin playing he is able to perfectly place each instrument in the space and texture of a song making for music which works perfectly in tandem with his vocals.

His effortless ability to create an infectious melody supported by his beautiful harmonies provides the perfect platform for his incredibly smart and intimate lyrics. His voice is so real that every word coming out hangs on your ears. It is a voice full of lyrics that keep a hold on you as vivid images and gorgeously constructed lines flow as easily as water.

When it is all together it adds up to something much more powerful and moving. Listening to the music of Dunluvly is an experience which catches you in a moment in time and leaves you somewhere different and better off for having heard it. It is the best of what music can be and will continue to be.
- Mark Duggan

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