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Alternative // Belfast, Antrim // They/She

ÉABHA is a contemporary Irish minimal synth artist, encompassing the genres of coldwave, synthpunk, and noise. She released her debut single 'Strangers' on TONN Recordings in 2021 and has since been working on her debut EP. Bringing in dissociated baritone vocals over sepulchral basslines and analogue synths, ÉABHA's works create a haunting, dissociated atmosphere reminiscent of decades of the past, yet with a modern feel. While currently fronting Belfast-based post-punk band The Funeral Rose, who has gained a following playing with the likes of Lebanon Hanover and She Past Away, ÉABHA is an independent project which embraces a darker, raw, and synthy sound.
Coming from a fine art background after studying at Belfast School of Art, ÉABHA's live performances take on elements of fine art performance, incorporating everything from Dadaism to Abramović. In a recent performance at BSoA, she used biological matter such as dead fish and live earthworms in conjunction with analogue synthesisers to create an interesting palette of sounds.

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