Dublin, County Dublin

Formed in 2006 Ebo strive to stand out from the current Irish scene.

Musically they embrace a wide range of influences; their original distinct style cannot be confined to one genre.

Ebo create intelligent, diverse music. Their melodic subtlety, explosive dynamic contrast and powerful live performances capture an audience’s attention; while lush three-part harmonies provide lasting respite from the cinematic ‘soundscape’ of their music.

The ‘melodic musings’ of Ebo reflects a
collaboration across a broad spectrum of styles; collaboration across a broad spectrum of styles; delicately balanced melodies, fervent vocals and orchestrated arrangements fused with guitars, which, at times can move from crisp clean melodic riffs to full blown fuzzed up fury, then dissipate seamlessly. All the while pounding, precise drum patterns cut and splice their way through the complex harmonic underpinning.

Last year saw the group concentrate much of their efforts towards the completion of their eponymously titled debut EP, which is to be launched in Crawdaddy, Dublin, on 28th March 2008, followed by a short promotional tour throughout the country.

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