Echo Harte

Galway City, County Galway

Hailing directly from the west of Ireland, Galway City to be specific, alternative-rock singer/songwriter Echo Harte experiments with musical fusion and development in a unique fashion.
While Harte is an artist of the rock genre, there are also many sub genre's that poke out their heads from song to song.
From sombre, mellow acoustic to aggressive, fist pumping guitar riffs and distorted bass sprinkled with doses of psychedelic elements throughout, the music keeps the listeners intrigued on what exactly they'd be hearing next.
Harte's music contains several directions, talking points and unique instrumentation that keeps the attention of the listener glued to the song.
On Harte's debut album 'Masks' he has uncovered several sensitive lyrical topics, including suicide awareness, mental heath, gang violence, mortality and political/religious corruption.
During the production and composition of ‘Masks’, all that was happening in the world had a powerful influence on the lyrical content and music of the songs.
As a result, Echo Harte’s music screams 2020, especially since things have gotten more out of hand in the world since then.
Echo Harte has a rapidly growing fan base and has been hugely active in the Galway music scene as a solo artist since 2017 and also as the front man of the 4 piece punk outfit, Vulture Casino since 2018.

Echo Harte’s debut album ‘Masks’ is available now on all music steaming platforms.

“West of Ireland musician Echo Harte releases impressive debut album” - Finbar Hoban Presents

“Galway’s Echo Harte creates his own unique sound on debut album, Masks” - We Write About Music

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