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Elaine Malone

Psychedelic // Cork, Cork // She/Her

Drawing from an eclectic array of influences - stemming from an early exposure to the rattling impact of
90s grunge and the visceral inventiveness of The Velvet Underground and Nico, to a later appreciation for
shoegaze’s immersive soundscapes and storied country music by Lee Hazlewood - these elements colour
Elaine Malone’s brilliantly expansive psych-rock material. Across Malone’s body of work, her magnetic
presence, evocative lyricism and exhilarating instrumentation culminates in endlessly inventive
Born in Limerick, Malone has been immersed in Cork’s thriving DIY music scene for over a decade. An
accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Malone incorporates harmonium, guitar, percussion and bass into
her multifaceted arrangements. In 2018, she announced her uninhibited lyricism and multifaceted
compositions with her critically-acclaimed debut EP, Land. Timeless in its instrumentation, Malone’s
songwriting was praised by critics upon its release. Of this introduction, The Thin Air noted her
“undeniable skills as a storyteller” amongst the many intriguing elements to her artistry that “mark her
out as an important new Irish voice that demands close attention”.
In the subsequent years, whilst writing songs for her forthcoming debut record due later this year via
Pizza Pizza Records, Malone has been prolific as Mantua; a commanding improvisational folk-horror
project that she has produced two visceral albums, released by Sunshine Cult Records. This project, which
Malone began in 2019, has seen her open for revered Australian experimental duo, HTRK and UK doom-
metal group PIGSx7. Also in 2022, Malone joined Just Mustard on the Irish dates of their tour in support
of their Heart Under LP.
Coinciding with her sonically contrasting solo outlets, Elaine Malone is involved in several experimental
music-based projects. A member of punk outfit Land Crabs, Krautrock-led Soft Focus and Lisbon-based
Pôt Pôt. To contribute and collaborate with like-minded artists is essential to Malone’s artistic practice
and fulfillment. Before even releasing her debut solo album, Malone’s music has amassed over 2 million
Recently, Malone has been playing with a supportive backing band of accomplished and respected Cork
musicians including Jimmy Christie, Sam Clague and Ruairi Dale. Together, recording live tracks in
Cathal MacGabhann’s (The Altered Hours) studio, Malone has brought her music into a far more
dexterous and dynamic place. She has arrived at this destination by incorporating the various artistic
disciplines and approaches that direct to the many projects she participates in.

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