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Elise Music

Indie // Kilkenny , Kilkenny

Elise is a singer-songwriter who is experimenting within a few genre’s under indie music. Her music combines her folky fingerstyle guitar playing with a production of synth sounds and a heavy rhythm section of bass and drums. This runs parallel to her soft but powerful voice which has the power to draw the listeners in and immerse them into her world and her stories she needs to tell.

Her songwriting draws inspiration from growing up in a small town where everybody knows everybody, and how this can affect an individual, whether it be good or bad. Her songs can be quite deep and poetic and also relatable as she sings on how fragile the human mind can be but how strong we can make one another. Elise's music can take you on a trip down a dark grimy tunnel but one that will always have a light shining brightly at the end.