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ELKAE is an electronic soul artist, songwriter and producer setting out in a genre of her own. She combines funky old-school grooves with new and exciting electronic production, polished off with her powerful, soulful voice to create a high energy live show! Taking inspiration from the music world and settings around her, she combines ambient production and live instrumentation to set her apart from the crowd. Bass and synth driven beats run parallel to her powerful soulful voice to consume the listener and immerse them in her world.

ELKAE played 2 slots at last year’s Electric Picnic and recently released her single 'Cause I Was Busy Working' in February 2020. To much success, her music has been playlisted on on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday UK’, ‘Chilled Pop Hits’, 'A Breath of Fresh EIRE', ‘Easy’ and’New Pop Revolution’. She has gained over 130’000 listeners and 250,000 streams. 

ELKAE launched 'Cause I Was Busy Working' in February at her MCD headline show to a sold-out crowd in Whelan’s. She has been featured in media such as Hot Press, The Irish Times, Nialler9, SPIN103.8, FM104.4, 98FM, IMRO, Remy, The Last Mixed Tape, was 1 of 50 showcasing artists at Ireland Music Week 2019 and a top 10 finalist in the IMRO Christy Hennessy Songwriting Competition. ELKAE was chosen as 1 of 50 artists to showcase at Ireland Music Week 2019.

ELKAE’s first International coverage in the USA was TrippleX music blog, DiscoverNu (UK) & was shared by La Belle Musique (France 2.2m followers). “I Feel” was added to new Irish radio station, PLAY IRISH’s ‘A List’ and named 1 of 10 must listen to tracks alongside The Cranberries, Gavin James, Le Boom, AE MAK, Loah and Mango x MathMan.

ELKAE was recently featured in The Irish Times and Hot Press, where she was named “an exciting new force in Irish Music Scene”.

Press Quotes/ Achievments

Electro-soul artist ELKAE is an exciting new force in Irish music. With timeless vocals and killer beats, this funky singer/producer has headlined the Sound House and made it to Spotify’s ‘A Breath Of Fresh Éire’ playlist. And with only two singles out so far – 2018’s ‘Sold’ and the recent ‘I Feel’ – she’s just getting started.

Nialler9- ‘Sold’ is the debut single from new electronic soul project ELKAE. Written and performed by Laura Keane, ‘Sold’ is absolutely fantastic. There’s a gorgeous influence of late 70s disco, heard best in the harmonies and rhythms of the chorus section. The verses bring in a more contemporary sense of pop music. Keane’s vocal delivery is precise and fluid. No surprise considering her musical education in BIMM.

Cheers to the Vikings
The Irish artist ELKAE shared with us a song titled “Cause I Was Busy Working” and is one of the most beautiful and charming songs that we have ever heard. We're always focusing on the songs that we discover on our site that the artist’s performance should professional and fully compatible and harmonies with the melodies and tones of the record, but today ELKAE left us in a big shock with the talent that she have, Her voice is a piece of heaven and her performance is more than professional and it’s very unique, that’s why she hooked us immediately without giving us any chance to think or say something. The lyrics are very unique and so original, written and chosen well. The production is very professional. After our first listen, we felt how ELKAE loves what she is doing and we knew that she is one of the few and rare artists that can show you the true meaning of making music.
Remy- Dublin act ELKAE has been quietly making ripples in the Irish scene in the run up to debut single 'Sold'. If you like, disco, funk, pop, soul and / or all of them mixed together, you should love ELKAE's sound. 'Sold' delivers the feel-good in spades, it's smooth, cheery and suave all at once. She could blow up in 2019.

When The Horn Blows
There’s a real sense of uplifting solidarity in the soulful layered hook as ELKAE navigates through despondency, to soar above the shackles that society places on us with startling clarity. A moving track showing abundant power and presence.

The Last Mixed Tape:
Set to a hazy, sun-soaked backdrop the vivid electro-soul sound of ‘I Feel’ makes for a compelling return from Elkae that finds her delving further into the lush pop sounds that shaped her previous offerings.
With a vibrant interplay of hooks, moving synth-pop parts and lyrics that convey the myriad of emotions that characterise a summer romance, Elkae’s ‘I Feel’ sets a lasting impression through multi-layered music that flows from beginning to end.

Oiche: SOLD is a testament to how far Laura Keane has come as a musician, and for Elkae to have established what is her own unique sound for this debut single. We believe it’s only a tantalising glimpse at what is to come for a promising artist and her career in music.

Sold out MCD headline Feb 19

Over 250'000 streams on spotify

Showcasing artist at Ireland Music Week 2019

Achieved A- List & top 10 must listen to tracks on PLAY IRISH radio station

IMRO Christie Hennessy song writing competition Top 10 Finalist

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