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Ellen Sleator

Alternative // Mullingar, Westmeath

Ellen Sleator believes that the term transcience is embedded in the art of music making. Although, not wanting to be honed into one particular genre, Ellen Sleator’s unique vocal colour and melody matched with her choice of groovy drum and bass, makes her music instantly recogniseable. Taking influence from R&B and Rap instrumentation and a more classical melodic approach makes her sound both unique but familiar to the listener. The young singer, writer and producer merges an intimate vocal approach with a groovy foundation. Her recognisable lingo stems from her love for poetry and the natural surroundings she finds her comfort in. It is unusual to find a song on her discography that lacks a depiction of the natural world. Similar to the music of Alice Phoebe Lou whos songs usually consist of various meanings. You will often find your own meaning in her metaphorical language and descriptions. Her metaphorical approach to lyric writing that somehow still digs to a familiar place is what separates Ellen Sleator from her peers.

Ellen recently toured as a support act for The Academic in Cyprus Avenue, The Olympia and Wexford Speigletent and is excited to continue sharing her music with a wider audience. In her words, ‘I want my music to take listeners on a journey, to a magical bubble where they can feel and drift away’.

Hot Press - "groovy set with her dreamy vocals"
Nialler9- "Ellen Sleator offers a gentle soft pop glow with tension baked into the production".