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Ember Trails

Alternative // Belfast, Antrim

Formed in late 2016 as a musical experimentation outlet, for the past year Ember Trails have been cascading on to Belfast’s local music scene, often sharing the stage with other veterans of the scene such as Electric Octopus and Wynona Bleach. With all members coming from various backgrounds within Northern Ireland, the band aim to sonically paint their experiences with heavy hitting yet intricate guitar lines. Coupled with the bold lyrical topics that dare to mix love, cannibalism and sense of purpose, the band continue to balance light and dark elements to develop their musical vocabulary.

With their opening demo tape ‘Eclipse’, the release of Arizona and Empty Hands, singles that both received radio play on BBCs Across The Line, the band are now set to continue their rise with the release of their debut album ‘Electric Shadows’ in late 2018.

“They have math rocky elements, but back it up with massive tunes...they’re bringing together all the truly great things about Northern Irish Music” - BBC Across The Line

“It is an absolute humdinger of a track! I even have that written down here!... Big Things for this band!” Year Spaceship on Empty Hands

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