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Erra P.

Electronica // Tipperary

Erra P. is a music duo based in Ireland and Amsterdam, with a focus on techno, tech-house, and house music.

Our electronic music was driven by a quest to find radical and exciting sounds using both traditional instruments and modern music technology technology. Once we made our music, we needed a platform from which to promote it, the Erra Project was born - comprising of duo Steffen Coonan & Ciaran O’Brien.

The duo create energetic electronic music influenced by techno, house, ambient, and downtempo music. Erra P. love to collaborate and frequently work with other musicians.

Erra P. have enjoyed airtime on Irish national radio, as well as national English, German, and Austrian radio. The duo also have had reviews, features, and write-ups as far reaching as Canada, Poland, France, Australia and others.

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