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Ethan Hollan

Indie // Bangor, Down // he/him

I’m Ethan Hollan. I was born and raised in Northern Ireland, and my family originates from Hong Kong. I’ve been making myself as an artist since 2020, but lets dive a little further to where it began.

At the age of eight years old, I began playing piano, gradually making my way to achieve grade eight. For a long time, this was my main instrument, until a guitar was gifted to me. I taught myself how to play, and this combination of piano and guitar skills sparked the inspiration of song writing thus leading me to the progressive position I am now in. Through the process of creating songs, I have developed skills on the ukulele, bass, and drums, evidently forming a one-man band.

With university, and the pressing fear of landing a boring office job getting evermore real, I decided to push myself to pursue my passion for music after being inspired by local artists in gigs who made their dreams come true and, equally, being musically inspired individually over lockdown.

Since starting out as an artist, I’ve performed a livestream for Harbour Unplugged, back in the first lockdown. This drove me to perform my own livestreams to my social media following. When things were starting to get normal, I did my first ever live in-person performance at The Duncairn. I performed my original song “Love Bite” and this was released to social media mid-December 2020.

Most recently, I got the opportunity to record with Start Together Studio, funded by Arts Council Northern Ireland. This was my first time ever recording in an actual studio that wasn’t my bedroom. I’m really excited to get my new music released and out on Spotify.

My aspiration is to become one of the first Hong Kong artists, born and raised in Northern Ireland. With an absence of Chinese/Asian presence in the creative industry, I aim to create more diversity and become a role model and inspiration to all those looking to make music.

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