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Event Horses

Alternative // Ballycastle/Belfast, Antrim

Forming at the break of April 2010 Event Horses have already become a hot tip within the Northern Ireland music scene following some high profile showcasing gigs in The Limelight, Belfast (New Blood ‘11) and The Retro Bar, Portrush (The Wiggers Brawl ‘11) and the critically acclaimed Debut EP Faces, Event Horses are a force of nature not to be taking lightly

Event Horses new EP “Dance With The Devil” will be available to from all good digital retailers from the 11th July 2011, and as a FREE limited edition sticker, badge pin, download Package at Event Horses merch Desk and FREE on a number of the bands social network sites in the weeks leading up to the official release date.

“Razor sharp” “aggressive but intelligent noise” - Charlotte Dryden, The Fly

“Noise Mongers!” - ATL, BBC Radio Ulster

"Event Horses are the latest local band to utilise a lean mean guitar-bass-drums line up to express their youthful frustrations at extreme volume" "an effective introduction into what Event horses are all about" - David Roy, Irish News (Noise Annoys)

"Excellent debut" - Chris Jones, AU

"Yet another fantastic band from the north coast" - Stephen McCauley, Electric Mainline, BBC Radio Foyle

"This is a band who could give any local act a run for their money and stomp all over them" - John Lawson, Bruised Fruit

“…and the fast-paced thrash of Event Horses who yelp and scream their way through a gnarled, thrilling set of out-and-out hard rock” – Aoife McKeown, AU.

Band - EventHorsesni [at] gmail [dot] com
Management - GenerationPeaceRecords [at] gmail [dot] com