Belfast, County Antrim

Ex-Isles is a collaboration between Belfast-based singer-songwriter Peter Devlin and composer of experimental music James Joys. Sitting in the cleft between David Sylvian, late-era Bowie, and John Grant, their beautiful and distinctive sound was captured perfectly on their debut album 'Luxury Mass' - released in September 2018 - which garnered rave reviews from The Thin Air, and The Quietus. They are currently recording their second album after a successful series of showcases and gigs in Ireland, as well as collaborating on a Swans-esque noise album, due out at the end of the year.

Listeners will be drawn in by the dark swoon of their music and the sly wit of their lyrics. Their brooding and expansive piano-led sound is a nod to enigmatic pop figures like Scott Walker, David Sylvian, John Grant, ANOHNI, and late era-David Bowie; a captivating blend of Joys’s evocative arrangements, and Devlin’s crooning baritone.

As well as Ex-Isles, the pair collaborated with the world-renowned Codetta Choir in Derry to write a six-part choral and electronics work called A Constellation Of Bargained Parts, performed on the 6th October 2018 and released on March 1st. It was commissioned by Belfast’s Moving On Music as part of their 'Emerging Artist' award and was supported by the Arts Council Of Northern Ireland.

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