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Acoustic // Temple Bar, Dublin // he, she, they

Aja Nisenson met Declan O'Brien in Dublin in 2022. Immediately they started writing songs and bonding musically. A love of improvisation, both musically and lyrically led to an instant musical connection, igniting a creative spark that led to the inception of Fadó.

Sessions in Howth, gigs in barber shops and cafe’s followed, with a performance at the Creative Connections festival in Sitges Spain, and live shows throughout France, along with studio sessions in Brooklyn NY followed. The duo are currently recording their debut album, the first material being slated for release in the Autumn.

Aja is an accomplished stage performer, singer and playwright, having starred in her own one-woman shows in New York City and Europe. Receiving rave reviews for her mix of comedy, jazz and spoken word. Her voice, playful energy and charismatic stage presence inject a unique dynamism into Fadó's music - with a delivery that can weave between smokey jazz, whispered confessional and soaring operatic styles all in the same song.

Declan is a regular in the Howth circuit, and throughout the years has played in a number of bands on the Dublin circuit, including Yo Adrian and Robotnik. He has toured throughout Europe, and most recently played live shows in New Jersey. He jumps between genres, equally at home playing mandolin in a trad session, indie/folk rock and funk (he hates to name drop, but was lucky to have Funkadelic’s Garrett Shider Jr. as a guitar teacher)

Aja and Dec’s songs are collaborative affairs. They often begin as improvisations or poems found in our diaries, and evolve from there.

Together Fadó combine a jazz, folk, indie flair with elements of traditional irish music and a love of mythology and storytelling. Their songs often explore themes of home, identity, love and the joy and sorrow of being human. Their music teeters between the tragedy and comedy of living, finding humour and hope through loss and pain. Emotive and heartfelt without being overly earnest, their sound is soulful and intimate. It's a duo you'd like to sit and have a pint with or at least invite home to meet your mum.

Fadó are currently working on their first album and intend to release and promote it in 2025. The songs have been written and are currently being recorded in preparation to begin releasing songs from Autumn onwards.

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