Fall Dogs

Limerick, County Limerick

Fall Dogs started life as Tumbledown in 2012. The brainchild of John Steele, it was mainly in the formative process until Ross Brennan, an accomplished producer and musican joined John. This proved to be a catalyst and soon the band was recording, with Ross Brennan arranging and mixing tracks. They released their first EP, Chink in My Armour in July 2013 with an accompanying video for the title track. The E.P is a three track release including, along with the title track, songs Killer and No Fighting in the War Room.
Upon release on iTunes, it transpired that an American band had already taken the name Tumbledown and so the name was changed to Fall Dogs, which came from the David Bowie song, Fall Dog Bombs The Moon.
Currently finishing up their debut album, Fall Dogs will be doing some live shows in 2014.
Band Members:
John Steele - Guitar and Vocals.
Ross Brennan - Keyboards, guitar and vocals.
Bryan Healy - Bass
Ian MacNamara - Drums
Siobhan O'Brien - guitar and backing vocals.

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