Fallen Acolade

Dublin/Drogheda, County Dublin

We are a four piece rock band with members from Dublin, Louth and even Norway. We are not here to re-invent rock n roll, but litterary write quality songs in the genre of music that we love. Loud guitars, heavy riffs with a gut moving, and heart skipping drum and bass backing. The louder the better, but we are not moving to far away from the beaten track of great artists such as Purple, ZZ-top, Rainbow, Ac/Dc etc. We believe in what we do and we are on a mission to make sure that the rock we grew up with are coming back again, but this time it's from Fallen Acolade..

One of our songs are based upon a true story....

Ronnies got a gun.... A song about a murder scene in upstate New York, 1974. Ronald DeFeo Jr. went on a shooting spree killing his whole family while under the influence of illicit drugs. Initially considered as just a "regular" multiple familial homicide, the crime became infamously known as "the Amityville murders" with the added notoriety that only Hollywood at its finest can bestow. From the terrible night in question to this very day, DeFeo has offered many conflicting reports regarding the night in question, including one where a supernatural figure clad entirely in black handed him a gun and instructed him to kill his entire family... Further claims that the DeFeo residence was built upon a native Shawnee burial ground apparently surfaced according to author Hans Holger, adding to the "supernatural" defence presented by DeFeo. Nobody will ever know the exact truth about what happened that night except for Ronnie himself, who to this day remains in prison... Whatever your opinion, just enjoy the song for what it is...

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