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Family Planning

Alternative // City, Dublin

FAMILY PLANNING are a 3 piece band of interplanetary troubadours operating from a re-enforced underground bunker in Portobello, Dublin. Graduating from the Pavement style plinkings of Slurps in 2010, Aaron McGrattan, Shannon Duvall and Jason Juman formed Family Planning as soon as the hangover had worn off, and they had got their instruments out of pawn.
Making their live debut at Murderhäus Halloweenfest, Family Planning melted the faces clean off at least 16 people, other punters reported feelings of ''I can see glasses on everyone'' and ''Can I have a drag of that?''. Expect it to be HEAVY with complicated, fluid, unrambling, visual melody, feral beats, and a slight peak in atmospheric pressure. Bake for 30 minutes.
Family Planning are to record their debut release in the coming months for summertime 2012

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