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Pop // Dublin, Dublin

Forfeit, Feibhár’s debut single, is out now! Available on all streaming platforms and online stores. Originally a poem, Forfeit examines what it means to move on from that which you are passionate about, and the pain and grief of losing it even if you always knew you would. It is about taking a chance against your better judgement, hoping against hope, and the crushing disappointment we can all identify with, when we're left without the fulfilling happy ending we were promised. Forfeit was arranged by Feibhár and the vocals were recorded in Station Studios in Balbriggan, Dublin.

Feibhár is a 24 year old Irish songwriter, originally from Kilkenny and based in Dublin. Since playing the Main Stage at Sea Sessions in 2016, Feibhár’s music has evolved into something more distinct, moving from a folky girl-with-a-guitar sound, into something more atmospheric and haunting, fuelled by her desire to write and arrange every aspect on Logic Pro X.

Lyrically driven, Feibhár's focus is on dark and ambient vocal harmonies, amplified by digital production elements, which carry the character driven narratives she explores in her songwriting. These ethereal elements are met with an unnerving ability to personify the emotions she seeks to clarify through her storytelling, making for entrancing company as you experience her music.

“Forfeit is a clear statement of intent from Kilkenny songwriter Feibhár. It’s a brooding, shape shifting song that highlights her lyric and engaging vocal style. Eschewing guitar in favour of sumptuous synth layers, the songs stays with you, reminding you of how truly great it is. It is a staggering debut single and heralds the arrival of a rare talent.”

- Martin Bridgeman, Ceol Anocht, KCLR96FM


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