Feltsparr Gentlemans Club

County Dublin

Welcome to the Breaking Tunes site of Feltsparr Gentlemans Club. Back up and running after a two year absence from the 'biz. No tunes up at the minute, but expect a few of them to be up in the coming week!


The Outstanding Mr. Jack Dinghy


We have entered the studio once more, this time on a more permanent basis. We aim to complete an album, or at the very least a few singles. We have hired the best known experimental producer, Ian 'Dirty Harry' Gibson, to achieve this. Tunes comin' soon!


The Androgynous Mr. Boon: Producer
The Outstanding Mr. Jack Dinghy: Synth
The Amazing Mr. Window: Synth
The Octagonal Mr. Woods: Drums
The Queazy Mr. Shift: Sampling
The Inspiring Mr. Fringe: Mastering

'We will sail into the lexicon of progress. We will break down the walls and boundaries formed by genre. We will start anew, riding on the wave of our genius until this great wave breaks. And then there will be nothing.'

- The Androgynous Mr. Boon; manager and general whip-cracker of Feltsparr Gentlemans Club.

свободных людей

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